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4人份盆菜( 送砂煲 和 魚生)PUN CHOI 4pax ( FREE CLAYPOT & YU SHANG)
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*PUN CHOI 4pax:*


consists of 12 ingredients (including the sauce bag, a packet of oyster sauce, a sachet of cornflour and a free claypot)



1. 冬菇


2. 干蚝

Dry Oyster

3. 凤爪

Marinated Phoenix claws

4. 鱼漂

Fish Maw

5. 红烧鲍鱼

Braised Abalone 

6. 日本北海道干贝

Hokkaido Dry Scallop

7. 蚝皇汁灵芝菇

Braised bailin Mushroom 

8. 白灼鲜草虾

Cooked Tiger Prawn

9. 红烧素狮子头

Braised Vegetarian Loins meat Ball

10. 日本黄金豆包

Golden Japanase Toufu

11. 白切鸡中翼

Chicken Wingtte

12. 王牙白

Chinese Cabbage 

*Serving instructions:*


Step 1 - Take out the claypot from freezer and defrost the ingredients inside for 3 hours. 步骤1 - 从冰箱中取出沙煲,然后将碗里的食材解冻约三小时。


Step 2 - Take out the cooked prawn before steam the bowl with ingredients for about 10 minutes to avoid overcook the tiger prawn. 步骤2 - 取出老虎熟虾, 以免过度煮热将影响虾肉的口感。再将盛装食材的碗蒸热约10分钟。


Step 3 - After heat up, drain out the excess water in the claypot. 步骤3 - 加热后,沥干沙煲中多余的水份。

Step 4 - Defrost and heat up the sauce, pour in corn starch mixture (need to dilute with water first) to thicken the sauce, then add the oyster sauce to flavoured the soup. 步骤4 - 解冻并加热酱汁,倒入玉米淀粉混合物(需要先用水稀释)使酱汁变稠,加上耗油汁,让味道更具鲜味。

Step 5 - Pour the heated sauce into the claypot and serve hot.步骤5 - 将加热过的酱汁倒入沙煲食材中,然后趁热上桌。

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